Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 271: Talk Sport Like a Pro: 99 Secrets to Becoming a Sports Goddess

I've been a fan of Penelope Trunk's blog for awhile now and I think she has a lot of great ideas. Her point of view is unusual and I love how frequently she can turn me around from my initial "WTF?" reaction. One of her suggestions was to learn how to talk about sports in order to be more included in the workplace. She recommended this book and I thought I might try it. It was, after all, only $2 before shipping. I read the first chapter and still couldn't get excited enough about sports to bother.

Flash forward to earlier this year when the world cup occurred. Cody and I thought we might stop by Neumo's to check out the party and it was completely packed. We wandered across the street to The Comet, which had a little more space, and were pleasantly surprised by how many attractive people were in the room. All of a sudden we were much more interested in soccer. I started waking up early to watch games and improved my understanding of the rules. This was my first time really caring about sports and I'm excited for the next series to come around.

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  1. This story disturbed me on so many levels.

  2. I realize now that it's not clear that I actually started enjoying soccer and not just going for the hot guys.