Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The frequent questions and statements post!

I've been meaning to do a few experience posts now that I've passed one hundred items. Don't worry, if you still want to grill me in person I won't mind!

What inspired you to start your blog?

On Christmas eve, my sister and I packed up the last of our unwanted items and drove them to Value Village. When I returned home I looked around my room and thought, "Wow, I still wish I had less stuff." The problem was that everything I had left had been kept with at least a glimmer of desire or attachment.

I needed a way to systematically remove things from my life and a blog keeps me accountable. Since the new year was coming up it made since to hold off for a few days and make it a year long project.

Wow, you must have a lot of stuff!

I wouldn't say that I have more than your average person. In fact, I probably even started out with less.

Do you know what you are going to post in advance?

I don't decide what I'm going to post until just before I start writing. I usually gather up stuff to photograph when it's sunny outside because they turn out so much better but that is the extent of my planning. Other days I will wander around the apartment and wait for inspiration to strike.  Rock Band is an example of an item I had no idea I was going to get rid of until that day.

What has been your most difficult item to let go of?

The RF adaptor for the Nintendo. I still feel bad for forgetting to give it to the kids who bought it from me.

Have you regretted any of your choices?

Nope. The beautiful thing about this blog is that everything sentimental has gone to someone who will use it. I feel lightened by the experience.

You should post once a week so you don't run out / giving away other people's stuff should count / are you going to start buying things to post

This blog is supposed to be a challenge, otherwise it wouldn't be very interesting. I know you guys are concerned but I need to give this my best shot and I'm feeling optimistic.

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