Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 200: Chell costume from Portal

This was my Halloween costume a few years ago. Tragically, I do not have a single photograph from that evening. Even worse, the Portal gun I was wielding wasn't sturdy enough to survive the evening. I could have had a video of myself, wielding my Portal gun, singing "Still Alive" on Rock Band but I blew it.

It's not as flattering as the version in the game but I think I made a decent go at it. I picked up the jumpsuit at the Army and Navy Surplus store. I took it in a bit and spray painted the Aperture logo on the back. I thought about saving it for the Portal 2 release but I always feel strange wearing the same costume twice.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I would like to dib this please.

    Perhaps we can meet up to arrange transfer (I live in the U-District--met you at Dea's sushi party!)

  2. I had a simultaneous dib on facebook so I need to see who posted first.

  3. (which means waiting for Facebook to change to an actual measure of time