Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 199: Vintage Dress

This dress has long been a favorite of mine but alas, it does not fit me well. I bought it for fifteen dollars at Red Light. I was seventeen and it was to be worn at a Wizards of the Coast company holiday party.

I wanted to make sure this dress went to a good home so I brought it along to a friend's birthday party last night. It didn't work out for the first woman who tried it on but the second try was a perfect fit. The contrast of the classic elegance of the dress and pearls with her tattooed sleeve was absolutely stunning. I've been attached to this dress for a long time so it was wonderful to it being worn so well. Without this blog, I would never have let go of the dress. I could not possibly have donated it with an unforeseeable future at a thrift store.

A photo of me, at seventeen, wearing the dress! I'm hoping I can get a photo from last night to go with this.

Status: Gifted

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