Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 184: Amplitude

I was going to post Frequency today - the prequel to Amplitude - but I opened up the case and instead found three other games: Odin Sphere, Jade Cocoon 2, and Bust a Move 2. This was a completely awesome fine because I've been wanting to play Jade Cocoon 2 again and was even considering buying a new copy. It's a cutesy monster raising game but it has a fun story and graphics. I've also been scouring my parents' house hoping to find my old copy of Azure Dreams. Today's find gives me hope that maybe it will still show up.

I'm curious, do you guys have past gaming loves that you still think about and which games would you like to replay?

Status: Dibbed


  1. Bit unclear on how this game works, do you have to shoot things, or is it a dance game...?

    ;-; IF you ever feel like getting rid of your instruction booklet to Odin Sphere, mine came without one, so uh...?

  2. It's neither, you turn on different music tracks of the songs by moving between the tracks and correctly pressing patterns of buttons. It's pretty fun.

    I don't have the instruction booklet or even the case for Odin Sphere, only the disc. No idea where they've gone either O_o

  3. I'm still not sure I understand, but it sounds interesting X3

    Aw man, well, good luck finding those in this cleanup D: I have when I break cases or something and need to find new ones. Currently, Odin Sphere is apparently too complex a game to play on the 20 yr old mono TV downstairs, so I can only play it if I move everything DX

  4. I'd like to dib this if Athena hasn't already.