Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 110: Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette

In a previous post I mentioned that I invested in a private makeup lesson so I thought I'd go in to greater detail.

I used to dread doing my makeup. I rarely experimented with it growing up and by the time I was an adult I found it intimidating. From time to time I would go to MAC counter and get made up with wild looks that I could never duplicate at home (probably for the best). I didn't enjoy it at all so eventually I just gave up trying.

Two years ago an email from Daily Candy showed up in my inbox that profiled a makeup artist named Suresh. It said he offered private makeup and blow dry lessons. I thought I'd try it out as kind of a last ditch effort. I joined his mailing list and when an email went out announcing a special I jumped on it.

Makeup lessons are a hell of a lot more useful when they aren't trying to sell you something. I brought along my own makeup and since I had made some surprisingly good choices he only recommended that I purchase a new concealer and an eyelash curler.

I told Suresh up front that I needed a very simple routine and I think he delivered. I am now able to achieve a polished look with a minimal amount of effort. For years I had been using techniques that did not make sense for my mixed-ethnic features. I haven't highlighted under my brows since. I don't use foundation and only use concealer in a few key places. I can apply blush properly. I can do all of it in approximately five minutes.

Suresh Beauty

You can kind of see it here :) If you're concerned about the picture behind me, I straightened it as soon as I saw this photo.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I need make-up! I has wrinkles and am in the CCrrraaazzzyyy period. I don't want to give details, but I'm old, sooo old. This is a magic problem solver.


  2. I love this blog topic! I love your photos.
    I am throwing out lots of stuff because I'm moving to a farm, and it seems insane to bring some of the stuff I own to a farm. But each thing I throw out is so hard. It held so much promise when I bought it. I love that each of your posts is like a eulogy for that promise. Also, it's a great acknowledgement of the competing feelings of wanting stuff and not wanting to want stuff.