Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 102: Hoity Toity

I love buying gifts when I'm feeling inspired but I hate buying gifts out of obligation. For birthdays and holidays I only buy gifts for my immediate family but if I see something I'd like for a friend I'll snatch it up any time of the year.

Christmas shopping for my family takes a lot of consideration and sometimes I will not settle on the final gift until Christmas day. Fortunately we're in the habit of giving coupons instead of physical gifts. For example, last year we gave my mom a coupon to have us take her shopping for a pair of boots. My sister's last two gifts from me were yoga classes and a knife skills class.

Hoity Toity was a gift from my parents a few years ago. My dad went to the neighborhood game store and told them what games I like and this was their suggestion. Hoity Toity is by the creators of Settlers of Catan and was an award winning game so I guess I can understand why the clerk recommended it but it is not really my sort of game. Kudos to dad for his efforts though!

Status: Dibbed


  1. I'd love to call dibs on this one. I'm always looking for interesting new board games to add to my collection. I'm on Capitol Hill as well, so I could easily pick it up from you if that works. I'll email my contact info.


  2. If you end up not being able to contact Aramada and this is still available I'd love to put my name on this list as second in line.


  3. She already came by for it.