Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 114: Garage Sale Labels

Last summer the Capitol Hill Seattle blog hosted a community garage sale in the parking lot on Pine street. Last year I participated but somehow I don't think I have enough possessions left to be a part of this year's sale. I mostly got rid of stuff lying around my parents' house but there were some gems too - the Nintendo, my copy of Munchkin, a Japanese school girl outfit I used to wear to anime conventions.

The best part of the garage sale was that I met one of my closest friends that day. A couple friends had joined me for the sale and we were sitting around chatting and playing guitar. One of them had started a new job a few weeks earlier. While we were sitting there a couple guys came by to check out our stuff and they turned out to be her new coworkers.

One of those guys was my friend Cody, posing with me in the photo below. We discovered that he lived only a block from me so we started hanging out with increasing frequency. I think our record was seven days in a row. Cody's a great sport and one of the sweetest guys I know. Whether we're going out to meet people (I'm his wingwoman) or staying in and playing board games, everything we do is legendary.

Status: Dibbed

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