Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 100: Rock Band

I bought my first Rock Band set for my housewarming when I moved to Belltown. From this party we developed a core group of players: me, Emily, Nicole, and Chris. We would gather at my place regularly to play and drink. At some point Nicole was inspired enough to buy a drum kit and I started shopping for an electric guitar so we could play real music together. 

The original incarnation of our band was "The Emily Syndrome" but Nicole and Emily were soon wrapped up with more serious projects. Nicole is guitarist in the all black women punk band NighTTrain and Emily was rocking the bass in High Tension Line. Emily has since moved on to be a part of Nicole's new band Lawndree. They only just started playing shows last month but they already sound amazing.

This is the copy of Rock Band that started our journey. It includes a working drum kit (blue has been fixed with electrical tape  but is totally functional), a guitar, and the original game. I'm keeping the mic because we have too many singers in my house.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I think I want this, is it for the 360?
    If so, I do!

  2. You'll have to let me know who this is :) Comments are screened...