Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 111: Assorted Kandy

It probably doesn't surprise you that I went through a raver phase during my first few years of college. I wasn't very serious about it but I was cute and I enjoyed making the plastic jewelry. I was reserved at school so it was a helpful venue for making friends. Plus my boyfriend was really in to parties.

One summer I went to a happy hardcore party in Canada called Kandy Shack. I drove up to Canada with my friends Sarah, Sarah, and Leeloo. I used to go by my first name when I hung out with both Sarahs because it was more fun to introduce ourselves as the three Sarahs. I remember we were all nervous about crossing the border so we hid all our kandy and tried to tone down our outfits as much as possible before driving through. I was so hardcore, I took a caffeine pill that night.

The party was held on an Indian reservation in a remote location. I have no idea how we managed to find it. The Canadian kids were incredibly friendly and we had so much fun. There was a moment when the generator blew and all the music went out. We stood around the campfire and everyone sang Bohemian Rhapsody and other Queen songs until the music came back on.

The next morning, around 5 am, we piled back in the car and drove slowly out of the reservation. Not even five miles per hour. There were a bunch of kids sitting on the car, hitching a ride to where they had parked. We had our music up loud and were goofing off when suddenly all the kids scrambled off the car and ran off. We had a moment of confusion before realizing that the car was just about to cross train tracks and there was a train about fifty feet away. We were on a steep hill so the driver let off the gas and we rolled back just in time. The train passed probably no more than two feet from our car.

It was the most terrifying experience of my life. There was so much finality in the huge machine bearing down on us. We barely talked the whole ride home because we were so freaked out. I was merely caffeinated so I had to suck it up and take care of one of my friends but as soon as I was safely back at the dorms I called my boyfriend to come take care of me until I calmed down. That took a very long time considering how much caffeine I had in my system.

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