Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 255: Lampeberger

These little lamps are handy for getting rid of odor. I can't recall the exact circumstances that lead to me buying it but my best guess is bad roommate #1. The one who responded to my request to clean up three day old cat vomit with "I'll clean it up when the time is right." Oh yeah, and her cats would pee in the laundry room and the floor was sticky and gross all the time.

Fortunately, I got out of there after three months. A few months after I moved out I got a phone call from the property managers. According to them she had done $4-5,000 worth of damage to the apartment and was trying to claim it was normal wear in tear. They wanted me to write a letter on their behalf to support their case. I was happy to.

This lamp comes with fragrance oils.

Status: Dibbed

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