Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 256: Paradise Kiss

Occasionally I meet someone and felt inspired to post something that I want to give to them. I try not to do this often since it's not quite in the spirit of the blog but it's nice to know in advance that the item will go to a good home. I was not planning to give up my copies of Paradise Kiss but I wasn't reading them either. I love the art and the story - an ordinary Japanese girl who gets sucked in to the world of fashion.

Sunday evening I hosted a new couchsurfer. She was a German woman who has been living in Vancouver, BC. She is really in to anime and manga - much the same way I was at her age - and living in Germany they don't have the access we do here. I had already given away almost all my other comics but then it occurred to me that she would probably love Paradise Kiss. She was happy to take them off my hands and I'm glad that one of my favorite series went to a good home.

Status: Gifted

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