Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 264: R4 for DS

It's the R4 for my DS so you know what's coming up soon...

I'm having a difficult time getting inspired tonight. I am exhausted. I lost sleep for a few nights because someone put a tetherball in the parking lot outside my apartment. There is no better time than after the bars close to start a tetherball game... I tried yelling at some people to please be quiet but they didn't respond. It seems likely they didn't hear me but I was too tired to try again so I went back to bed and did my best to fall asleep. Noisy drunk people are definitely a problem in my neighborhood but for the most part I am able to sleep through it.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I'm so sleepy and unhip, I have no idea what's coming up soon DX Your DS? Pie?

    ANYway. I have a DS, so I guess this would be useful? Dibs?

  2. Buy a pellet gun. Next time it happens, yell politely for them to shut up. If they fail to acquiesce, shoot the ball. That should shut them up, and send a clear signal that their kind is not welcome in your neighborhood.