Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 254: Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

This book is highly regarded as a resource for job hunters but I never got past page XV of the introduction. When I got to this page I found a side box by the wife of one of the authors titled "For Women Only". In it, she goes in to detail about how the best way to approach this book is to consider it like a recipe book.

"If you think of this book as a recipe book, ask yourself if it would be wise to leave out the eggs or the baking powder and still expect your cake to end up light and fluffy!"

After reading this section I completely lost interest in the book.

Status: Available


  1. That side box is so "...." o_o It's kind of amazing that they couldn't see the obvious marketing issue with that.

  2. I know!! Why would they think that was a good idea? On the other hand, it's still incredibly well reviewed and I haven't seen anyone else complain.

    I had a similar moment when filling out questionnaires for my health care plan. The website told me "Since you are a young, single woman you are probably used to things going your way." Uh, what is that supposed to mean?