Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 241: 10-sided Dice

These dice are pretty high on my list of most difficult items to get rid of. They are relics of my attempts at role playing games during my freshman year of university. I tried Vampire LARPing twice and participated in a weekly game of 7th Sea and I was horrible at both.

Example dialogue:
GM: What would you like to do?
Emily: I would like to attack whatever looks like it most needs attacking

Actual quote. I like to think I would do better now. I was pretty timid back then and didn't talk enough to hone any wit. Now I have learned that the best way to improve your sense of humor is to loosen your filters and just say more stuff. Sure, I occasionally say something embarrassing, but then I say something else and no one cares any more. I've gotten so much better at making people laugh that those short embarrassing moments don't bother me at all.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I'll take those off your hands. I have a few WhiteWolf books as they relate to game development, but I left my dice on the East Coast.

    Also I'm local (based out of the ID), so maybe I could pick them up from you at a coffee shop or something if that's cool. :)

  2. Definitely! Just leave me your email or something (I will delete the comment) and we'll work something out :)