Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 230: Two books by Diana Wynne Jones

Ahhh! I keep coming home too late and missing my chance to take photographs. Books were the easiest things for me to weed out so I photograph a ton at once. Then when I get home too late or too tired I can just choose a book out of my backlog of photos. I'm posting these as a pair because I don't want to depend heavily on books to get me through this project.

Diana Wynne Jones has been one of my favorite authors since elementary school. I think my introduction to her was Witch Week and then I quickly fell in love with the Chronicles of Chrestomanci. She weaves some wonderful fantasy stories and they are always a little odd. She wrote Howl's Moving Castle which is one of the few books of fiction that I am keeping and I've probably read it more than thirty times. Howl's Moving Castle is the prequel to Castle in the Air and while writing this I discovered a third book in the series was recently published: House of Many Ways. Loading up the library website now...

Status: Dibbed


  1. I just read her new one called "Enchanted Glass." It wasn't bad--no Howl's Moving Castle or Charmed Life though. - Tracy