Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 216: Gift certificate for The Comedy Underground

I won this gift certificate in the family Christmas auction last year. We have a decently sized extended family so instead of exchanging gifts we each bring a few wrapped miscellaneous items. Everyone gets an envelope with a random amount of change and we bid on the boxes and bags that look like they have the most potential. I've gotten everything from gift certificates to a bar of Irish Spring soap.

When we first started the auction we were supposed to bring gifts labeled for the type of person they would work for - girl, boy, man with a car. It didn't take long for me to realize that anything labeled for a woman was not something I wanted. I had more Body Shop products than I could use. After a few years I made a point of only bidding on items labeled for men. The first time I did that I ended up with a giant jar of pistachios, a swiss army knife, and a first aid kit. Score!

This gift certificate expires on October 24th of this year.

Status: Dibbed

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  1. I'll take it Emily. This is Sherri from work!