Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 223: Murder Must Advertise - Dorothy Sayers

Hand in hand with the increasing difficulty of choosing items is an increasing difficulty of being inspired to write about said items. Fortunately I thought of something during the construction of that sentence.

I mentioned before that I discovered Dorothy Sayers through a play which was performed at the Taproot Theater. I was extremely shy as a child but that didn't stop me from trying drama classes. I took classes through the Taproot Theater as well as the Seattle Children's Theatre. Much of these classes were taken up with theater games and while I was terrified of being put on the spot I did not give up trying.

It's interesting to me now because attempting activities that scare me has continued to be one of my distinctive traits. I've always had a way of bullying myself in to trying things. I've been terrified of public speaking all my life but last year I joined Toastmasters to try to overcome it. I was only able to attend for a few months before my schedule no longer permitted it but I progressed significantly during that time. I took as many opportunities to speak as possible and while it's still intimidating to speak in front of people I am confident that now I can do well.

Status: Gifted

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