Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 229: Yourself Fitness for PS2

I have tried many times to get myself to the gym regularly with little success. I've owned an elliptical, DDR Aerobics, and this game: Yourself Fitness. It's a well executed game with aerobics, pilates, and stretches. You can adjust the workout and it has good variety. It worked well for me for awhile but eventually I realized that the best way to get exercise is to work it in to my daily life. Fortunately, it's easy for me right now since I live within walking distance of work and can take care of groceries on the way back. Pretty much everywhere I need to go can be reached on foot although I do supplement with the scooter.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I would dig this if it's still available. - Tracy

  2. It's worth a shot :x I mostly use my gaming system to work out via DDR anyway. Dibby~

  3. I'm going to let Tracy take this one since she's a less frequent dibber :)