Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 221: Scooter Girl

These are evidence that I was interested in scooters long before I bought mine. Of course I always pictured myself with a Vespa, not a Honda. I love the sturdy retro look. My current lust is the Symba but it is utterly lacking in storage and therefore completely impractical.

I had an interesting scooter ride the other day. I'm a member of couchsurfing.com and I had a French girl visiting me a couple weekends ago. She just completed an internship in New York and was doing some traveling before returning to France. She landed at 9pm and didn't make it to my place until 11:30 or so.

The couchsurfer took the correct bus and got off near my house but when she asked someone for directions they pointed north. After all sorts of text direction failures I finally went off in search for her on my scooter. I eventually found her at Roy and Summit. We stuck her carryon bag in my basket and then she and her massive backpack sat behind me. It was quite the scene and it's a miracle I didn't crash.

Status: Dibbed

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