Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 321: The Specials

** If you read this post, please read the next day's as well. I had to retract some of my memory**

Last night (this is another late post) I had originally planned to go have a few drinks with some coworkers and a woman I've been wanting to get to know better but none of them could make it in the end and it's probably for the best. It turned out one of my favorite bartenders is leaving so it ended up being a raucous event. I'm feeling it today.

I've probably mentioned this before but having a bar "where everybody knows your name" is one of the best things ever. The bar from last night is the second bar I've really become attached too. These places not only hold a lot of memories but helped me improve on valuable skills.

I can still be pretty shy but almost everything I know about meeting people I learned in a bar. I was not really close to anyone by the time I left my ex-boyfriend (of six and a half years) three years ago and only saw one friend with any regularity. I started hanging out at Sun Liquor and talking to strangers to help loosen up my social skills. It did wonders and I ended up meeting my best friend there not long after.

When someone tells you that you are the most social person they know, you know you've done well. It still blows my mind how different my life is now. Every year since then has been the best year yet; even when I was laid off. It's not that bad things don't happen anymore but I'm so much better at dealing with everything that comes my way and it's much easier when you have so many people you love and trust. I can say with confidence that I love my life.

Status: Dibbed

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  1. Holy crap...I didn't know this was up on your blog. DO WANT.

    I had to sell my copy a long time ago against my will.