Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 305: Helly Hansen winter jacket

It's a difficult to tell in this photo but this jacket is a navy blue. I bought it the year my family spent Christmas in American Fork, Utah. My youngest sister was in treatment at the time and we drove down to Utah to see her. Utah was a lame place to spend the holiday. On Christmas day almost the only recipe open was Denny's and it had an hour wait. We ended up eating sandwiches in motel room instead.

We had an unusual encounter on Christmas eve in a diner next to our motel. We were sitting at our table and this guy was looking at us. He asked if he knew us from somewhere any my middle sister asked if he'd ever seen the documentary Escape from Affluenza. It turned out he showed it to his students every year. No wonder he thought we looked familiar!

The jacket is sized for a 14 year old boy and is in fantastic condition since I've had very few occasions to wear it.

Status: Dibbed

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