Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 311: Starbucks gift certificate

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get a little time to spend with a good friend who recently moved to the east coast for school. After catching up we spent a little time discussing my blog. She frequently tells me "Rule number 8! Don't forget rule number 8!" but I've added rules since the beginning so I think she is referring to what is now rule number 10. Stop if the project becomes counterproductive. I'm definitely getting close but I'm pretty sure I can make it without resorting to posting clothes I shouldn't keep anyway.

She also mentioned that she thinks one of my strong points is that I've avoided being caught up in the original value and even the resale value of the items I've posted. She said that she looks around her apartment and associates money with her things. I still do that a bit as well but I'm much more able to move on from it than I used to be.

Today I'm posting something that has an actual monetary value. I'm not sure how much is on the card because it was a thank you gift for a dentist referral. It's probably $5 but maybe it's more. I rarely enter a Starbucks but I still feel a little weird giving it away. I still end up there about three times a year. On the other hand, I never make a deliberate trip to Starbucks and it's not like I carry my gift cards around with me in my wallet. In the end it'll just continue to gather dust on my book shelf and they'll get a little bit more of my money every year.

Status: Dibbed

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  1. dibs! and if it's more than $5 I promise I'll buy you a scone or something ;)