Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 306: Wonderfalls

Wonderfalls was a favorite television show of mine for years. I discovered it well after it aired on television. I used to spend some time in the Television Without Pity forums for Veronica Mars and a lot of people recommended this show for VM fans. It's about a girl living in Niagara Falls who has a liberal arts degree and works in a souvenir shop. One day things shaped like animals start talking to her and giving her orders. It's quirky but pretty fun.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I love this show, and I was planning on getting the dvds soon. I'd be interested in snagging this.

  2. If it hasn't been claimed somewhere else, I'd like this. A couple of people I know love this and keep telling me about it, so I'm curious to see it.
    Never heard it linked up with VM fans X3; Heard it suggested for people who liked Pushing Daisies though...

  3. Ooh, dibbed! I've been wanting to see that. I heard the same thing when I was watching VM. (Which was only a few months ago, but still.)