Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 176: Tire Chains

My dad gave these to me last year to sell at my yard sale. No one purchased them so they've been sitting in my closet ever since.

I haven't owned a car in years. I shared one with a boyfriend and let him keep it when we split up since I only used it once a month. I never really took to driving.

When I was fifteen I was excited about getting my license but I had to learn on my family's stick shift. For the first half of driver's ed I lagged behind everyone in skill as I worked on becoming comfortable with the clutch. When we took the final test I did better than everyone in my car.

Not long after the test my family went on a road trip to Wenatchee and the brakes went out while I was driving. We were headed towards a red light with a van stopped at it. I pumped the brakes like crazy and just in time the light changed and the car drove off. I managed to drive up a hill and let my dad take over. It took them over a year to get a new car and I didn't feel comfortable driving the minivan after that. By the time they bought a replacement I didn't care any more and I didn't end up getting my license until I turned 22.

Now I rely on my feet to get me most places and I supplement with my trusty scooter Clementine. I've been riding for just over three years. I love taking the scooter out and it's perfect for errands and the occasional trip across town.

Status: Dibbed


  1. I think I want them for my car. Do you think they will fit??

  2. Hey, Suz... Ask your Dad if they'll fit my car, if they won't fit yours. Thanks!