Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 157: Women's Snowboard Boots

During high school I participated in an awesome local program for youth called The Service Board. The program aims to empower youth through community service, skills development, and most importantly snowboarding. There were weekly meetings and on Sundays we would alternate community service projects and hitting the slopes. We had some fantastic sponsors: The Snowboard Connection provided our gear, Odwalla provided drinks, and Essential Bakery hooked us up with baked goods.

This was also the year my mother decided it was time for me to be confirmed with the Catholic Church. The meetings were every other week on the same day as TSB meetings. My mother must have really wanted me to get confirmed because I had no inclination to go through with it. I attended unhappily for several months before I refused to miss any more meetings. I regret not doing it sooner because I missed out on some amazing opportunities.

Oh yeah, and the reason I'm getting rid of my boots:

I lent my snowboard to a cousin years ago and he returned it to my parents. When I went to retrieve it, I discovered that the bottom had been melted. I still have no idea what happened.

Boots are approximately a size 8.

Status: Available

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