Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 337: Guitar books

My friend recommended these guitar books to me but they don't seem to work for my kind of learning. I love playing guitar but I'm not serious about it. I don't pick up new songs very often because I only like to play songs I can sing along to. I mostly play my classical acoustic but I also have a beautiful '93 Gibson SG Special that I bought of Craigslist.

I was pretty nervous about buying a guitar that way, especially with so little knowledge about guitars, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The guy said he was selling it because he had a bunch of guitars and needed money but this was his first and he got it when he was sixteen. I'm kind of shocked that he sold it. The newer SG Specials all have this cherrywood finish that I dislike.

Anyway, the guy came over with the guitar and I was really nervous about testing it out because I only knew how to play like one song. I made him play for me so I could get a better idea of the sound but we ended up hanging out for awhile and I eventually got up the nerve to play. It was wonderful way to get my first guitar. We talked about meeting up for beers but I never heard from him again.

Love at first sight!

Status: Dibbed

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  1. Hey Em, I'll take it if they are still available!