Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 348: Gigantic Stanley Thermos

I bought this to bring spiced cider for Aurigid meteor shower viewing. I didn't drink very much back then so I didn't realize that it doesn't matter how cold it is, people will still just want a beer.

Our meteor shower spot is pretty freaking amazing but it's also a commitment. The journey involves driving north for over an hour, then east for a half hour, and finally at least another half hour driving up a mountain on a road full of switchbacks and potholes. It's totally worth it because the destination is a large parking lot on the top of a mountain with an unhindered 270° view.

The first time we made the trek we totally got lost. We took a wrong turn and were headed down this creepy, dark, dead end, deserted road. It felt just like we were in a horror movie. If I remember correctly, we saw some sort of mannequin limb on the side of the road just before a super creepy truck drove by. Despite all the terribly sensible people in the car I think we all experienced a brief moment of thinking "We're going to die out here!" Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing more than just a creepy old road.

Status: Dibbed


  1. Dibs - So many uses for a thermos.. keeping a gaspacho cold during a summer picnic, cooking food while you're hiking (thermoscooking.com) or just carrying around Liquid Nitrogen for emergency sorbet construction :)

    I'll get it from you next time I see you, probably the next game night.

  2. Can I claim it? I was very seriously about to buy one

  3. Sorry Gnomish, Glenn beat you by four minutes :(

    Glenn, I'll bring it to game night!

  4. I don't remember the mannequin limb...

  5. I checked with Nicole, she remembers seeing a leg, and it was probably in a bush :)