Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 361: Odin Sphere PS2 Game

Odin Sphere is not only a great side-scroller but it's OMFG friggin' cute. Now that I think about it, the character Gwendolyn would make an adorable cosplay.

I recently tried to pick this game back up but didn't managed to get much further than the last time I tried.  The problem is I suck at side-scrollers. And fighting games. The only fighting game I'm decent at is Tekken 5* with Xiaoyu. I used to say I could play Tekken Tag as well if they would only let me pick Xiaoyu twice. The reason that I have some skill at this game is that it's much easier. I could play it with much better players and have a chance. With MvC2 I wouldn't even get a hit in so it was difficult to improve.

* I can do fine with Soul Calibur but that game is easy to mash so I don't count it.

Status: Dibbed


  1. If you've got the booklet for this, I'd greatly appreciate it D: I have the game, but no booklet, and I think it'd help me pick up the fighting a bit faster.
    And yes, this is omgcute, I'm sad it's not more popular.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't. All I have is the disc.

  3. NUTS ._.

    Don't suppose you have a memory card you're going to give away? ._.;;; Aw man, I've got a lot of gamer stuff considering how apathetic I am and how I get most of it through friendly dumpster dives.

  4. I have lots of memory cards, I can send one your way :)

  5. Yay :3 I had one memory card that Kevin gave me with the DDR, but it corrupted somewhere along the way and won't read anymore ._. I game only in the here and now X3;

  6. I would like to claim this. It's for a friend who hasn't been able to find a copy.