Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 288: Shoes from Nine West

I originally had plans to go to the Last Supper Club tonight but instead I bought a bottle of wine and stayed home finishing off season six of the office. I also folded clothes and went through hundreds of advertisements on the blog I Believe in Advertising. I've been taking a class in graphic design at the School of Visual Concepts.

This week I'm looking for examples of images that make use of scale and proportion to give a sense of time, space, and mood. I also needed examples of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. I'm fairly far along in locating all my examples but I still have to decide what to do for the final part of my project: creating a design on a 8" x 10" piece of paper using only black shapes. The design should impart a theme from a selection of possibilities given to us by the instructor. Class is on Monday and at this point I have no idea what I will be doing.

Size 8 1/2

Status: Donated

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