Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 282: Game boxes

This is a bit different than my standard posts because I've already tossed these boxes. These boxes held all my Dominion cards as well as the game Ricochet Robots. Both games suffer from excessive packaging. My Dominion cards are now in the box pictured below and I'm still deciding what to do with Ricochet Robots. The game pieces and board take up about a quarter of the space in the box. This is a huge issue since I carry my games to game night all by myself.

I'm letting myself post these on the blog because it was still difficult to get myself to actually toss the boxes. I considered storing them in the closet but I finally told myself that even if I stopped using the new storage box the old ones just weren't acceptable.

The final storage system!

Status: Recycled/Trashed

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