Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 278: Japanese for Busy People I

This was the very first book I bought when I decided to learn Japanese. It's a pretty good starter book. There are two versions of the book but I bought the version that is mostly in kana.

During my first trip to Japan I was dependent on about a year of classes and what I had learned on my own. It turned out that you learn hardly anything in three quarters of school. My sister and I would say "Hai" a lot and we got teased for it. I also remember saying "Atatakai!" (warm) a lot and later discovering I meant to say "Atsui! (hot)." Given it was at least in the nineties "atatakai" was quite the understatement.

Status: Dibbed


  1. Since I am studying for level 4 of the JLPT right now, it wouldn't hurt XD; But if someone else you know needs it, I have a couple of books already. Never tried the busy people series :3

  2. I think this book is going to be well below your level. It's like, the first quarter of first year Japanese.