Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 128: Physics

I wasn't particularly thrilled with high school so I jumped at the chance to join Running Start. Running Start allows high school students in Washington state to take classes at local community colleges for free instead of going to normal high school classes. I took about two-thirds of my classes at North Seattle Community College my junior year and attended Seattle Central Community College full time my senior year.

Near the end of my senior year I applied for a job at Games & Gizmos near my school on Broadway. I dropped off my resume and started crossing the street towards the Rite Aid when suddenly I was knocked off my feet and found myself on the ground in the middle of the road.

I fumbled around for my glasses (they flew off but were unbroken), stood up, and finished crossing the street. I stood at the corner looking confused while the police arrived. The nice guy working at Planetary Espresso offered me water and I let myself be questioned and let the police drive me home.

I was fine until I reached my family's house and then suddenly I started bawling. The shock had worn off and it finally hit me that I had been in an accident. I came out pretty good, the delivery truck had been turning so it wasn't going too fast and it knocked me to the side. The side mirror had hit me in the head but I didn't have a concussion. We later found out that the driver had alcohol in his blood but my parents didn't press charges since I wasn't seriously injured. The biggest impact was that I was afraid to cross streets at intersections. I jaywalked as much as possible for months after that.

Status: Dibbed

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