Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 79: CD stand

With the removal of Nana from my bookshelf I was able to create a shelf for just DS games and CDs. This is part of my plan to transfer everything that was sitting on my desk to another location and then getting rid of the desk. I'm excited about the prospect of getting rid of a largish piece of furniture, mainly because it is almost certain that I will need to move in 4-6 months. Either that or I'll need a new roommate.

After a string of bad roommates, living with my sister has been a breath of fresh air. She's definitely cleaner than I am, but I make an effort for her sake. We have different tastes for the most part but we have enough shared interests to enjoy each other's company. Fortunately for her (but unfortunately for me) she found a great boyfriend and is abandoning me.

Status: Donated

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  1. I just commented that I'd like to "dibs" the Hoity Toity game, and then decided to go back through your other entries. This is a fascinating project! I don't know what your rules are regarding 1 person doing multiple dibs, but if it is allowed, I'd love to "dibs" this as well. I sent you an email via LJ, so that's the best way to contact me. Thanks!