Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 74: My Prom Dress

I'm never going to fit in a size five dress again so I have no idea why I've been keeping this all these years. I found this strapless red dress at The Bon Marche on sale and wore it with a tiara and pearls. Whenever anyone complimented me on it I bleated happily "It was only fifty bucks!"

Other than the dress, prom was pretty lame. I was a full-time running start student for the last two years of high school so I was disconnected from my peers. I went stag to prom but ended up tagging along with a "friend" and his date. I put friend in quotes because he was always a jerk to me. I did not have any money for photos so he offered to pay for my prom photos as long as they were him with a lady on each arm.

Status: Donated


  1. "I bleated happily 'It was only fifty bucks!'"

    Hahaha, I do that *all* the time. "I got it on clearance!" "I got it at Value Village!" I think most people probably wouldn't brag about how cheap their attire is, but hey, I'm PROUD of my thrift-fu. Hidden treasures!

  2. Your blog is an awesome idea! You might consider donating this dress to http://www.rubyroomseattle.org/

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look in to it!