Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 50: Deluxe Edition of Monopoly

I'm trying to be strict with myself throughout this process but one bit of leeway I'm allowing is posting belongings that I left at my parents house. There isn't that much but I'm sure my parents are happy to have the extra space. I have a difficult time getting rid of board games, as evidenced by my possession of a copy of Monopoly. I would be happy if I never play Monopoly again.

I received this copy for Christmas when I was fourteen years old. I will never forget it because the year before was the year I turned thirteen and, being the oldest cousin, all my relatives guessed that perhaps this was the year they should start getting me more grown up gifts. I received some brightly colored socks, a sewing kit, and a book on saints. My slightly younger male cousin was given a copy of Talking Battleship. I wanted Battleship too and I was so upset that I burst in to tears.

The next year I received two copies of Monopoly for Christmas.

Status: Donated


  1. I'll take it unless someone else really likes Monopoly. I don't LOVE it, but I would like to have board games on hand.

  2. Ah, I think it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one than to ship it :/