Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 346: 12 issues of Verbatim

Verbatim is an awesome language magazine. Example articles are The Sneeze: More Than Just Ah-Choo and Bless You and The Politically Correct US Supreme Court an the Motherfucking Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: Using Legal Databases to Trace the Origins of Words. You can already tell it's going to be good reading, can't you!

Etymology was an interest of mine a couple years ago and I used to love the podcast A Way With Words. I was also horrible about correcting people - not mean about it but a stickler. Fortunately, I'm over that because I was never a very good authority. I never learned grammar as a kid so Mad Libs was always a challenge for me. I was a pretty good speller but that got worse when spellcheck started getting really good.

Status: Dibbed

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  1. X3 This sounds fun. It'll probably take me a while to get around to reading them all, but I'm game.